Monday, June 2, 2014

Cam is so gangsta

This morning for some strange reason I felt the need to dig through all my CDs because I knew there were a couple that I had doubles for.  I was right and got rid of extras for OK GO, The Misfits, The Super Friendz, The Go Team! and The Hanson Brothers.

In the case of The Hanson Brothers I had not two, not three, but four copies of the same CD, Sudden Death.  I thought I just had two copies of the CD, not four.  I'm not sure why I had so many, but I know it's out of print, so that's why I probably bought a backup.  Then I forgot I bought a back up and bought another back up and forgot out buying that back up and bought another back up.  I have a way of making the easiest things very complicated.

Actually, now I have five copies of Sudden Death since at the Hanson Brothers show in Cranbrook, Willie picked me up the Sudden Death reissue.  I'll keep one of the original CDs and get rid of the remaining three.

While I was looking through my CDs I found some old CDs that Cam had copied for me.  Back in the day before computers with CD-R drives were common place if you wanted a CD copied or wanted to make a mix you went to Cam because he had a fancy Pioneer audio disc recorder.   Cam even recorded some cassette tapes  to CD and with the help of Willie's turntable a LP to CD for me.

Here are a couple CDs that Cam made for me.  Dig that awesome MS Publisher '97 album art.

A Gob and Rancid mix, thanks Cam!  I have the Rancid mix in my car right now.

The Smashing Pumpkins disc is something Cam recorded for me and then I made the liner art at home.  It kinda sucks the cover picture is so fuzzy, but back then that was considered "hi-res" on the 'net, back then we called the internet the "net".

When I showed Cam my album art he bugged out because I put his name right on the back as "Cam Scarff Bootlegs" so the music label knew exactly who to sue.  Don't worry Cam they'll never see it, that is unless some one happens to e-mail them these newly released photos.  

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