Wednesday, October 22, 2014

No, I am not giving out candy at Halloween.

I case you weren't aware of it, Halloween is coming!  Last year I tried to celebrate it by watching all Friday the 13th movies in October and then failed miserably.  This year I am doing nothing!   Well, not nothing, I did buy this lamp from the thrift store.

We also watched Night of the Creeps and then The Monster Squad.  Monster Squad was awesome as always, love that movie.  I love it so much I even have a button.  I bought a bag of buttons at the thrift store just to get the Monster Squad button.  Worth it.


mike said...

You're still supposed to buy the candy, then you get to eat it while complaining about kids these days..

Keef said...

Mike, I pretty much do that like everyday, not just at Halloween.