Thursday, February 16, 2017

Farewell HMV...

When I was back in Cranbrook a few weeks ago Willie told me that he saw on Facebook that HMV Canada is closing.   I gotta say, that totally sucks.  HMV was the best place to get movies and pretty much the only place to buy good movies and CDs.  We are are left with two options now, and neither are that great.

There is Best Buy which doesn't sell music anymore and everytime I go there their movie selection continues to get smaller and smaller, they only stock big studio releases now.  There is Wal-Mart which does have a music section, but only mainstream stuff.  They do occasionally bring in some smaller releases in terms of movies, but once they sell out, they are gone and not getting restocked.  If you see something you want then buy it because in a week or two it will be gone.

They say buying stuff online is killing brick and mortar stores and more importantly buying(and bootlegging) digital formats.  It's getting to the point where we don't even have a choice anymore because there are no brick and mortar stores.  I've been pretty loyal to physical media over the years, having only bought a handful of digital albums and movies because when I pay money for something I like to be able to actually physically touch it.  I don't even illegally download movies or music because that's a no no.

I'll try and see the bright side of the whole situation...SALE!  HMV is marking down all stock as they are set to close forever on April 30th.  The website said  30% off, so I had to check it out and went to the Market Mall location today.  First of all, not everything was 30%, most the apparel and other collectible crap was 30% off, while movies and CDs were only 20% off.  I was bummed because movies and music were the only things I was interested in.  Of course I still spent money.

80's!!!!  A cheesy 80's action/adventure movie and the hero wears a bandana and rides a flying motorcycle.

Spaceballs: The Blu-ray!  One of the special features is a commentary in Dinkese.  I'm pretty sure I already have this, but the black case sold me.

This one was the other half of the 2/$20 deal or 2/$18 with the discount.  It's the 3rd Bass Icons CD which is basically a best of album.  It's pretty fly yo.  I opened as soon as I got back to my car, so I could get my groove on.

Finally, I got the Chemical Brothers "Don't Think" album which is a live album recorded in Japan.  It has a CD and a DVD of the same concert.  Its actually a few years old from 2012.

That's all I got as the CDs were seriously picked over, they aren't even going to have anything left in another week.  If you were planning to look for music at HMV during the closing out you better get there ASAP.  The movie section was in a lot better shape and they still have lots of t-shirts, mugs, Boba Fett cookie jars and collectibles.

I visiting the website again tonight and they changed the front page of the website with a new 20 - 40% graphic!  I'm sure the movies and music are still only 20% off while anime socks are 40% off.  I might check out another location on one of my days off next week.

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