Monday, February 2, 2015

Mucho Nachos

I meant to do this after I got back from Cranbrook, but here is a quick post about the newest dollar store to hit the East Kootenays, Dollar Tree.

In my messed up head I had Dollar Tree all confused with Dollar General.  I was all pumped to go check out Dollar General and was a little disappointed when I saw it was Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree gets some points for having everything priced at $1.25.  It's not one of those dollar stores where you walk in and stuff is like $5 and $10.  If the pricing of $1.25 seems familiar it's because it's basically Dollar Giant.  Dollar Tree is an American dollar store chain that opened Dollar Giants here in Canada and are now opening stores under their own name.  I remember back in the good old days before the last recession when everything at Dollar Giant was $1, then they changed to $1.25 when the economy went in the crapper.  When the dollar got better, they just never bothered to change back.

Anyway, the inside of Cranbrook's Dollar Tree is pretty big and was pretty quiet.  I guess Tuesdays aren't a big shopping day, but I bet they get slammed in the weekends.  The best thing about dollar stores are the food and candy isles because they always have weird stuff you want to try and you probably do because it's so cheap.

I bought these two bags of nachos because well...nachos.   They didn't taste very good.  There is a reason they're $1.25 a bag.

Dollar Tree also had Covered Bridge chips!  The bags were smaller than a regular sized bag, but the price makes up for it.  Willie had tried Covered Bridge chips before, but not the regular flavour which is the best.  He opened up his bag in the car later and was eating them as I was driving around.  Then my car smelled like Covered Bridge chips and made me hungry.  Luckily I had bought two bags for myself and took one bag to my sister's and gave some to Avery to try.  He said they were good and ate almost the whole bag right before dinner and then got in trouble.  It's not like he ever eats his entire supper anyway.

Cody, Willie and I all walked out with a bag (or bags in my case) of dollar store crap, mostly snack food.  Dollarama is still the king of dollar stores, but Dollar Tree isn't bad.  Some of the stuff they had was good and some of it was kind of crap, like not even worth the $1.25.  The toy section was particularly disappointing.  I would go back just for the Covered Bridge chips.   And maybe the Billy Bob's Hot Sauce.

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