Thursday, March 5, 2015

80's Now!

Last time I was back in Cranbrook I went to Pages and used some of my credit.  I had over $100 in credit, but since I don't read or go back Cranbrook that much it doesn't get used a lot.   I got these totally 80's music magazines.  Been putting this one off for a while because I forgot about them when they got buried under some crap.  I found them the other day, so here we go.  

As I said I don't read, but I like to look at the pictures.  Lots of cool pictures and ads.

Check out those girls!

Another Pioneer ad for Cam.

The only movie ad in all the magazines.

The magazines are cool just for the ads and stuff, but I'm not going to keep them.  I went by Melodyia and dropped them off for Eddie, but I guess he's on tour and won't be back until April.  There was some hipster kid filling in.  I was browsing the clearance records and I could hear him talking to his buddy and they were annoying.   I guess I might find them a little more tolerable if I was just a little bit hip, but I'm not, so I wanted someone to slap him.

In addition to the music mags I also got some old wrestling magazines from the 70's!  More on those soon.


Cam said...

That Bryan Adams looks more like a Bon Jovi if you ask me. Thanks for the Pioneer ads!

mike said...

Is there still a Ballot for Rock Express 85? Can we still vote??

Keef said...

PS ~ If you guys are in Cranbrook and want to get some used books at Pages just pretend you're me and use my credit.

mike said...

under K-E-E-F D-I-T-T-O-N right?