Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Cub Book


Since it has been raining here non-stop I thought I'd look for some rainy day ideas, but all those things all sound dumb especially roasting apples on a campfire.  Whut?

Now I have to look for some snowy day ideas as the rain has now turned to snow.


Cam said...

Things to Do on a Snowy Day
- take a snow hike
- learn to build a fire in the snow
- pop corn or roast apples on the fire
- play games outdoors
- in warm snow, play in bathing suits
- swim in the snow

mike said...

Cubs, always trying to get you in your bathingsuit..

Keef said...

Now I want to try roasting an apple on the fire just to see what the big deal is. I still think's dumb though.

murray purvis said...

The address in the book is in Dawson Creek? 109th Ave? We lived at 905 110th Ave! The guy that owned that book lived a street back and maybe a block or so up. Crazy!