Monday, August 29, 2016

To arms!

A while ago we were watching some post-apocalyptic movie possibly involving zombies, I can't remember, and the characters were arming themselves with whatever weapons they could find.  I was wondering if anything like that happened would we having sufficient weapons to defends ourselves with?

This what we I found in our place; two kendo sticks, #3 wood golf club, wooden sword, samurai sword, smaller sword and three throwing knives.  It looks kind of cool, but most of the weapons wouldn't last long in an end of the world scenario.

The kendo sticks wouldn't take very long to break, same with the golf club.  The wooden sword despite the weird bend in the handle would probably do better but still would break sooner rather than later.  The samurai sword is cheap and would no doubt break and isn't even all that sharp.  The smaller black sword looks crazy, but again isn't very sharp.  The throwing knives aren't very useful unless you can hit something with them and with the pointy end.  Also, once you throw them you probably aren't getting them back.  In other words, we are screwed and not gonna last long.

I had a baseball bat, but I threw it out when we moved.  It was an old wooden one and dried out, so it probably wouldn't take much to break.  I guess I need to get an aluminium one.  We also have various other weapons around like hiking knives, a hammer, frying pans, that sort of stuff.  Unfortunately, our weed wacker is electric, so it's only effective if you have a long extension cord.

I hope you guys are better prepared!


mike said...

You left your crazy guard jackrabbit at the old place?

Keef said...

We literally moved to the townhouse complex right next door to our old townhouse complex. It's only a matter of time before he finds us.