Tuesday, November 1, 2016


On Monday I was getting some groceries at Safeway and some back up Halloween candy in case we ran out.  We didn't run out, in fact we had lots of extras.  Anyway, I saw a set up along the front tills and couldn't say no to this.

I paid $4.99 for ONE chip!  Of course, it could probably kill you, or in this case Cody.  I don't mind food that is a little spicy, but I don't like spicy hot food especially if it has the "Deadly Heat" rating on it.  Cody likes hot food, so I bought it for him.

Now, he's too scared to eat it.  It is not only made with the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper pepper, but it also contains Ghost Pepper and Chipotle pepper.  I'd suggest just it throwing inside an open bag of nachos and then go around offering them to people and see who ends up eating it.  

After reading the warning label on the back of "coffin" box I'm scared to even touch it let alone eat it.   Maybe I'll just throw the chip in the garbage and replace it and then around pretending I'm all badass and eating the Reaper Pepper chip when really it was just an Old Dutch taco chip.

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Cara said...

Well? Did Cody eat it? Is he still alive?