Thursday, November 3, 2016

To Infinity and Beyond

I bought these cool looking Disney Infinity 3.0 Han Solo and Chewbacca figures.  I was hoping to get the accompanying video game they go with, but I couldn't find a copy after visiting all four Toys 'R Us stores in town.

Infinity is one of the games where you require figures to play with it, so publishers hope you'll spend more money on buying extra figures.  You put the figures on the game base and they appear in the game.  I guess it's a form of physical DLC.  I admit I like the cartoony style of the Star Wars characters.  It would be really cool to seem them in an actually TV show or movie.

They go with Disney Infinity 3.0 which is obviously the Star Wars expansion.  Disney has said it no longer plans to further the series, so Toys 'R Us cut the price on the main game from $75 down to $15 which is why I wanted to pick it up cuz it's cheap!  The mission add on packs were $40, now $10 and figures were $16 now $5.  I do have Infinity 2.0 which is the Marvel expansion, but I didn't find it all that exciting.  Reviews for the Star Wars one were quite a bit better saying level design and combat are improved.  Hopefully, it will turn up eventually.

I even searched EB Games and Wal-Mart who both still stock the games, but at full price.  Full price is for suckers!  Best Buy doesn't even carry it anymore.  Good news is that if you have a Wii U then Toys 'R Us has lots of those left, PS4 only a couple and XBox One nothing.

When I got my Infinity 2.0 I bought a bunch of extra figures and ended up not even using them.  I bought a few based on the fact that I thought they just looked cool like Venom and Iron Fist.  I don't feel bad about getting the Star Wars ones even though I don't even had the game because they're cheap.  If I end up getting the game at some point (Christmas?) then I'll be ready to go.

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