Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chainsaw gun!

I decided to finally go out and buy a brand new game for my XBox One.  I've been playing the same old games, all two of them, forever now.  I ended up getting the XBone exclusive Gears of War 4.  I actually played Gears of Wars: Judgement not that long ago because it was a Games with Gold freebie, so that was what pushed me.

I picked it up this morning from Best Buy (it was on sale!) then had the long excruciating wait of having it install and update.  Only a mere 46GB!  I played it all afternoon and while it's very familiar it's still fun.  Although, I was a little annoyed it took so long into the game before I was able to chainsaw something in half.

A huge bonus of buying Gears of Wars 4 is that you are also buying all the previously Gears games as well.  The game comes with download codes for the original Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of Wars 3 and Gears of Wars: Judgement.  Once I finish GOW4 I'll like to go back and replay all the previous Gears games, unfortunately I don't even have room for all those games on my hard drive.  I'll have to download each game individually, play it, remove it and then move on to the next game.  

Even better than getting bonus games is getting free stickers!  This sticker sheet was also in the case with the download codes.  I'd probably buy more games if they came with free stickers.  I think the last game I bought that came with a free sticker was The Munchables(2009) for the Wii!  I can only hope Gears of War 4 will be as amazing as The Munchables.

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