Thursday, January 12, 2017


Here's another post about something I randomly discovered just by doing internet stuff.  I came across an article about a Beastie Boys/Daft Punk mash up album that was free to download.  I had to check it out to see what it was all about and found out there was good news and bads news.  The good news is that it was actually pretty good, the bad news is that it's no longer free to download.

The deal is that it's called Daft Science, eight Beastie Boys tracks all remixed using only Daft Punk samples done by Toronto artist Coins.  All his projects are "name your price" which means you can pay $10.00 or you can pay nothing.  I guess Daft Science must have had a lot of downloads as the option to download has been suspended.  A free album this good is a shame, but I guess it's too good to be true, but even it returned as pay only I'd buy the album.

You check out his Bandcamp and SoundCloud.  I've embedded the Bandcamp player below.  Ch-check it out!

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