Monday, April 10, 2017

Fun Fact

One of the complaints about Star Wars is why do Stormtroopers wear the armour as it does absolutely nothing to protect them from laser blasts.  That is true, but I noticed something while watching Rogue One the other night, is that the armour is an environmental suit?

The bottom right of the picture a Stormtrooper can be seen patrolling the outside of the Scarif planetary shield gate in the vacuum of space.  Why would a Stormtrooper would be patrolling out there makes no sense, it's not like anyone can just walk up and sneak in.  They are in space after all.  I'm also guessing he has magnetic boots to keep him from floating away in zero gravity.  That is cool the armour is actually useful in some situations, but they really should work on the laser proof aspect, they'd lose a lot less troopers.

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