Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More movies!

If you've seen my "to watch" pile of movies, it hasn't gotten any smaller, in fact is just got larger.  I've been watching Iron Fist and then Lucha Underground on Netflix, then went through a 46 episodes of a TV show(more on that later).  Despite that I still went to "Cash Converters" yesterday to have a look around.  I was hoping to find a 3D blu-ray I didn't have yet, but they didn't have anything good.  I had a look and found a $3 DVD I wanted, then another, and then I had to keep looking because its buy 5 get one free.  Overall, I got seven movies for just over $18.00.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this, but like a long time ago and I remember nothing about it.  It has guns on the cover and stars Captain Picard.  

Steve Guttenberg is a member of a covert special ops named Mach One,  hahahaha.  Guttenberg plays against type in this one as a serious guff voiced commando with perma-stubble.  Cody and I watched this one last night and I was expecting it to be a TV movie.  It has a TV movie budget, but the f-bomb gets dropped a times and there are some surprisingly juicy bloody squib hits.  There is also an impressive scene where a guy gets frozen by liquid nitrogen and his legs break off at the shins which actually surprised me.  Overall, it's very cheesy and filmed in Toronto.  As soon as Kim Coates showed up you knew it was Canadian made.

What a badass, Lassard really trained him well at the Police Academy. 

No Van Damme in this one, but I'm sure people will still get roundhouse kicked.  I mean, they better!

A Korean monster movie that I've wanted to see for a while.  It was released as a 3D blu-ray as well, but we'll see if it's even worth an upgrade first.  Pretty sure it is or was on Netflix.

I found a basket hidden under a table that was full of Chinese movies, some of them were actually decent ones too and I even found three I hadn't even seen before.  I picked out one extra one, so in total I got seven movies for my trip to Cash Converters.

Kung fu and vampires...that's all I need to know.

Dragon Inn is supposed to a classic Hong Kong film.  I've never gotten around around to watching it because it's a period sword play movie or wuxia.  I prefer the kicking boxing type modern era setting Hong Kong movies.

Moon Warriors is directed by Sammo Hung (more on him in a later post) and I already watched this one yesterday afternoon.  It has the wuxia flying around and and lots of wirework.  The main hero has a pet killer whale who lays the the smackdown, literally, on the bad guy at the end.  Although, the ending doesn't really wrap anything up.  What happened???

Picking my movies from Cash Converters now is just looking for weird/old/obscure/cheesy movies you won't ever find anywhere else.  Sometimes this is a good or bad thing depending on the movie.

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