Sunday, November 16, 2014


I may have posted this before, but Covered Bridge potato chips are awesome!

They rule, but unfortunately they're also hard to find.  The only place that I've found that carries the large size bags is Sunterra Market.  It's a fancy overpriced grocery store up 17th near where I used to live.  I go still over there over because the place I get my haircut is in the same mini mall area.  When ever I go over to get a hair cut I always make sure to stop in a grab a bag of chips as well as some other goodies.  Sunterra Market is overpriced and fancy pants, but their bakery and ready to eat deli items are awesome.

I usually get a bag of plain old salted chips.  I've tried a couple other flavours, but regular salted is the best.  They're good and I always meant to give some to Cody to try, but once I open the bag I end up eating them all myself.  A couple trips ago I ended up getting two bags, just so I could give one to Cody.  He agrees, they rule!

The best part is that they are made with dark russet potatoes.  Even though some of their other flavours are also made with dark russet potatoes they still aren't as good as the sea salt.  Last time I got Cody a bag of  Barbecue, he didn't like them as much as sea salt either.  After I had picked up the chips at Sunterra I went down to the ghetto Dollarama in Westbrook and they had Covered Bridge chips there!  For almost half the price!  They only had the Barbecue flavour, but if they had the Sea Salt I would've walked out with an arm load.

The power of dark russet potato chips!

When I was on vacation this summer in PEI and Nova Scotia I was hoping we could make a trip to New Brunswick to go to Hartland and go on Covered Bridge factory.   They had a gift shop!!!!  Unfortunately, the part of N.B. I saw was out the car window driving from PEI to N.S.   The world's longest covered bridge is located in Hartland, that's where Covered Bridge chips got their name.  Now that I taught you something, I'll end it here.

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WiLLiE said...

Mmmmm...I can sometimes find them at WINNERS here and I think Safeway...