Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It has only taken 21 years, but it's finally here for the world's viewing pleasure, REEFER MADNESS 2 on home video!!!

I present to you the "official" REEFER MADNESS 2: BOOTLEG EDITION DVD.  The film has painstakingly under gone no preservation at all!  See it the way it was originally presented in Writing 12 class at Mount Baker High School back in 1993.  That's right, no improvement  or restoration to the video what so ever has been made in order to maintain it's theatrical credibility.

Don't worry film fanatics because we've opened up the vaults and REEFER MADNESS 2 BOOTLEG EDITION also includes all the raw footage with some special guests in the behind the scenes.  Also, ALL the credits are included.

If you thought that was all, then you're an idiot!  Also, look for footage from the infamous MBSS fire alarm!

You've all heard about it whether you wanted to or not, but now you can finally see it or relive it again!  REEFER MADNESS 2 BOOTLEG EDITION DVD COMING SOON!!!1

Note:  Reefer Madness 2 Bootleg Edition Dvd will not actually be released due to the fact that it is pretty much absolutely terrible.  You're welcome humanity.


WiLLiE said...

Finally! Reefer Madness 2 how it was meant to be seen all along, as a VHS copy uploaded and copied onto DVD in glorious 4:3 aspect ratio!

Cam said...

Wow, is that Canadian country superstar DEAN BRODY?!? This movie really does have it all! Put it on the internet so I can watch it, thanks in advance.

Keef said...

Cam, you really don't want to see anymore that what I've shown you. The raw footage/BTS/out takes are way more entertaining than RM2 the film.

Keef said...

Willie, RM2 went directly from VHS to DVD and that is as far as it's going to get!