Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cruisin' Cranbrook

I got back to Calgary tonight.  The drive was back was okay.  The road was pretty much deserted until I got on Hwy 1.  Once I got home I brought all my stuff inside, but didn't get it all unpacked and put away.   Tomorrow I'd like to get my XBox One hooked up.  Physically hooking it up should be easy, it's the 10,000 updates it is going to need that is going to be a pain.

So on Tuesday, I met my Mom for lunch at the new Vietnamese place beside the old Rogers Video.  It was okay, but I was a little disappointed they didn't have Vietnamese subs.  After that I met Cody and (eventually) Willie.  We hit some Cranbrook hot spots and bought some junk.

I went to my sister's for dinner where I got my Christmas gifts from them.  Got some cool stuff including an absolute KILLER pair of shoes.  Matt cooked steaks and they were huge, a potato and the steak filled my entire plate.  After dinner we went to the hockey game and the Ice won.

Now I'm back I'm totally lazy and don't want to go back to work tomorrow.  I will be posting some pictures of the stuff I got from gifts and at Cranbrook stores.  I'll try to spread it out and get more posts out of it instead of one massive picture filled post.  I did post a few pictures up on my Instagram if you want to check them out.  Mike already saw them because he follows me on there cuz he's cool.  What's wrong with the rest of you?

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