Sunday, January 25, 2015

Marvel vs DC

I wouldn't be Christmas without getting some socks.  Sad thing is I actually need some this year, so much so that I had to buy myself a few pairs already.  Banana socks!  Thanks to my sister I got some more.

A couple packs of Marvel socks with two pairs per pack.  She ripped off the price tags, but I could see they were from Ross.  Now that Target is closed we should get them up here in Canada.  We already know they sell cool socks.

More superhero socks!  The Superman ones are two pairs per packs while the Batman ankle socks have three per pack.  I was worried they weren't going to fit as on the packs it says sizes 6-12 and that seems like quite a size difference.  They fit although a little snug, but I'll stretch them out.  That or I'll end up with holes in the toes.

And a pair of big fuzzy warm socks to wear on cold winter days.  Didn't really them today as it was +17C here.  Break out the ankle socks!

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