Monday, July 11, 2016

Burgers, Tron and Star that order.

Today in Cranbrook the weather sucked!  It looked crappy, then the sun came out for a bit and it looked like it might be nice, but it was a lie.  It was mostly grey overcast casts skies with off and on rain.  Once in a while you could see some blue sky, but that was just a tease.

The weather didn't stop me and Cam from going to Triple O's for lunch.  I suggested either there or Arby's, so you know which one Cam picked.

I suggested Triple O's because I've never eaten there before and since it was Cranbrook options are limited, so I figured it was time to try it.  Cam hasn't eaten at that specific Cranbrook location, but he said he has it once in a while in Kelowna.  He might not go all the time, but I guess he goes often enough to know Tuesdays are Triple "O" Tuesday.  We went on Monday because Tuesdays are way too busy and we didn't want to have to deal with all that.

It was okay, I would try it again.  It's no Smashburger though, or Boardwalk, or Five Guys, or Fat Burger, or CB Burgers, but not bad.  I liked the fries, they were like thick cut fries, not like the tiny toothpick fries from Smashburger.

After eating burgers we had to go get some exercise because we like to keep in shape.   We don't like to keep in that good of shape because instead of walking down to TM Roberts school, we drove.  

I actually bought this Tron: Legacy frisbee way in back in 2010 when the movie was released.  I bought it that November or December at Toys R' Us and since it was winter and it was too cold to play frisbee so I just put it on a shelf to wait until spring.  It sat there for five and a half years until I found it while boxing things up and decided it finally give it a spin.

There is a frisbee in that picture, see it?

How about now?

It definitely does what it is supposed to, but it did take a while for Cam and I to warm up and get it going.  We were rocking that Tron disc pretty hard until we started to get lazy then things fell apart.  We had a good run of throws and catches for a few minutes anyway.  It would've been cooler if it had some LED lights in it to light up when you throw it.

Then I made Cam take a stupid picture.

I should get the full version of this printed out and all framed up, so Cara can put it beside the picture of him skateboarding.  It would be like a "Then" and "Now" comparison.  Still cool after all these years dude!

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