Monday, July 25, 2016

Move it

I bet you think I haven't posted much lately because I've been busy getting ready to move.  Well surprise because I haven't although I really should be.  Cody said we could in to the new place on the 26th, so I was like "No problem", but then he tells me that we don't get until the 29th, so then I was like "That's not as good!"  I guess the people move out on the 25th, then the guy has to do some cleaning and repairs/fixes for us, so it's not all bad.  Oh well, it will all get done, it pretty much has to!

I have no problem with the actual moving of stuff, it's just the cleaning up this place after all the stuff is out.  Also, doing all the other stuff like changing addresses various places and changing over utilities is a real pain.  I went to the Canada Post website to set up mail forwarding just in case and it costs $56 for 4 months.  I don't want four months, I want like one month, maybe two, but you can only choose four months or twelve months.  I'm pretty sure I won't miss anything, but just to be safe I'll have to set it up I guess.  I mean I still haven't received my last Kellogg's spoon, so I gotta spend that $56 to make sure I get a free spoon.  Makes sense right?

I went and packed up some DVDs by putting the discs in my binders, so I don't have mountains of DVDs filling the house.  I think I have six binders full of DVDs and it bugs me that they aren't very organized.  I try to at least make sections of same type or genre of movie in binder.  I do have one binder of all Hong Kong movies, one of Thai/Korean/Japanese movies and a smaller binder of anime DVDs.  In the anime binder I found an old U.S. Manga Corps DVD for The Venus Wars.  I thought I had one, but if you remember I recently bought Venus Wars on Blu-ray, so no need for DVD anymore.  As I said the DVD is old, so it's not even anamorphic, plus it's kinda like watching a VHS tape, but that just makes it more nostalgic.  That being said it is available to anyone who wants, just let me know!  The cover sleeve is double sided, so I even put it in a clear case, so you can read both sides without having to remove it.

English with English subtitles??

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