Monday, May 22, 2017

DVD of the Day II

I bet you didn't think there would be another installment of "DVD of the Day" so soon.  Don't worry like everything I start I'll do it four or five times and then forget about it and you'll never see it again.  Until then, here we go!

I was bored the other night and wanted something to watch, so I went down in the basement and opened one of my movie boxes and dug this out.  It's ADV Films "Special Edition" of the Japanese anime film Spriggan.

It's "special" because it includes the DVD and a CD soundtrack from the film all in a fancy pants box.

The disc itself is double sided with one side containing the English dub and the reverse side having 
the original Japanese version with English subtitles.  The Japanese side also includes commentaries and trailers for other ADV releases.  There are two commentaries, the first with the ADR director and engineer and the second with the actors who did the English dub.  I guess this is better than nothing, but I'd rather see something from the original Japanese production staff who actually made the film.  Just my preference.

The CD features the exact same artwork on the front as the DVD, just sized slightly different.  This is the back of the case with track listing.

I really liked the movie and even before I owned this version I had a bootleg version I bought in Chinatown.  I didn't have English subtitles, so I didn't know exactly what was going on.  The kick ass action scenes didn't really need subtitles though.  

Spriggan the movie was released in 1998 and it based on a manga series of the same name.  The manga ran for eleven volumes and adapts the Noah's Ark storyline .  Viz Communications released three of those volumes here in North America, but under the named Striker.  

I tracked down these three volumes and really like them, I was bummed they didn't didn't release anymore.  I'm also surprised with all the manga coming out now, that another publisher hasn't picked up the rights and done the complete series.

If you haven't seen this movie, then you should!

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