Monday, May 30, 2016

Bucket list

Just doing a little cleaning up and going through crap when I have time.  In the kitchen we have this microwave cart with a shelf full of junk.  I threw some stuff in the garbage, but pulled out my Pirate's of the Caribbean bucket just the see what the hell was going on with it.

The bucket is from the movie theatre back when they used to to snack deals where you'd get a bucket full of popcorn, a drink and chocolate bar.  I never see these any more and it sucks.  In fact you don't even see collectors cup any more.  Well I think they don't do them much, but I don't go often enough, so maybe I'm just missing them.  I also haven't even gotten snacks the last few times and whenever I do, it's nachos.

That bucket is full!

Contents of the bucket.  A couple things I'm keeping, but everything else is up for grabs, so if you see something you like let me know and it's yours.  Sorry Cam, Arby's guy is a unavailable, he's a keeper.

A bunch of various free cereal prizes!  There are two Crystal Light pedometers, two Kellogg's spoons, a light up Indiana Jones spoon and a Guitar Hero mini game.

Remember the Queezy Sack?!  I forgot about this, luckily I haven't had the need to use it.

The Arby's oven mitt guy, Optimus Prime, dart gun, Colonel Saudners and a Wii candy dispenser.  The Wii candy dispenser is old, so I'm not sure if they candy is still good.  Then again the candy is like Rockets and that kind of candy has a one hundred year shelf life.  Mike, Eli needs that gun because its small and will fit in his hand better.

In this blurry picture there are two Coca-Cola FIFA pins, a kazoo, Scooby-Doo, Makit & Bakit shamrock, ramen magnet and a bag containing Ocscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster and a California Raisin.  That is the same Arby's guy as the previous picture, not another one, but its just so cool he gets to be shown again.

Here are some fast food toys like a Snagglepuss crazy cruiser, Mighty Max playset and flying Astro Boy.  Also picture is a plastic G.I. Joe dog tag and a couple Power Rangers battle cards.

Two awesome Dixon's Service Centre lanyards, three(!) different types of googly eyes, magnets, Bianca Amour's keychain bottle opener and a pack of self laminating ID tags.

I have no idea where this came from, maybe Cody knows.  That must have been one classy ass wedding!  

Let me know if you want any of this crap!!

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