Saturday, May 28, 2016

More useless stuff!

If you think all I bought were a couple comics on Thursday's trip to Phoenix then you are completely and utterly mistaken.  No trip to Phoenix is complete without going to Melodyia because there are in the exact same building and pretty much the same store.

Anyway, I was looking through a box random 7" singles and I asked the guy how they were and said like 50 cents to a dollar each, so I picked out the "good" ones.   Now you get to look at a pictures of every single one.  Just letting you know what you are in for, so you have the option of leaving now.

The stack of records is smaller and they cost a bit more than the last stack of 7" singles I picked up at Melodyia, but these are more quality records.  Although they can't come close to the crazy cover of that one French record.

First up are the plain sleeve 45s and I got a pair of Stray Cats singles, back when Brain Setzer used to be cool.

Now, I wish this one was a picture sleeve!  I wonder if they are going to use this theme for the new Ghostbuster movie or get some new hipper band to do an updated cover version of it.

Another movie theme single.

A Volcom music release, I guess it was thing.  This release was the very first one!  I've heard of Turbonegro, but never heard them.  It's also numbered 74/500, so it's special.

I've heard of these guys too and the label it's released on, Gearhead Records.  Doesn't look like they're released a lot recently.

The Stand GT because I needed some Canadian content!

This one is a split 7" and I don't know who the other band is and I don't care because Guitar Wolf!  Looks like I saved a lot of money on airfare because this tour record is only for sale in Australia and New Zealand.  There is also a fold out poster inside.

Yaaah, a Gremlins book and record!

I saved the best for last with this Tiffany single.  It not only contains a bonus song never before available, but the sleeve is also a 14" x 21" fold out colour poster.

Once you open it up you learn that "Tiffany is Terrific!", but all us fans already knew that.  There is also the address for the fan club and order list for tour t-shirt, tour book and a poster.  I wonder if I can still order that stuff?

Fold it out again and you get some personal info on Tiffany like her favourite movie star, favourite drink and favourite outfit.  Sweats...really?  That's disappointing.

Not to be out done by the Guitar Wolf fold out poster, Tiffany goes bigger and better.

I probably shouldn't even buying more useless stuff especially since we'll be moving soon.  I already have room in my 45 record box, so I have somewhere to put them.  So it's all good??

I also picked up one other much more incredibly expensive 7" that I posted a picture of on one of my other social media platforms.  I bought a 7"for $16 which seemed expensive until I looked on eBay saw it going for up to $60 US and the doesn't even include shipping.  Damn, should I buy another copy or what?  Anyway, it's so 80's and rad it makes all the other 45s I picked up look like totally dorks or should I say nards?

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