Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Star Wars you guys!

I was Dollar Tree today because I needed some dollar store brand zip lock baggies so I can put all my goodies in them and then put those baggies in boxes when we move.  Gotta keep that crap I bought at the thrift store for 50 cents safe!

When I was walking through the housewares section I spotted some Star Wars and ended up getting one.

I probably shouldn't even be buying more cups since I have two boxes of cups I don't even use as it is, but its Star Wars, so how can I say no.  My Kool-Aid is going to taste so much better now.

The Star Wars doesn't stop there because I saw some Star Wars Kinder Surprise.

I got a Stormtrooper and a R2-D2, I opened my R2 Kinder first.

These are the various prizes in the Star Wars Kinders, ships with heads on them plus whatever those two things are down on the right hand corner.

I got a Yoda in my Kinder and it's not only a ship with a head, but it's a head with a string.  I'm not sure where you are supposed to to hang it from, but that's entirely up to you.  I'll save it and slap it on my mom's Christmas tree next year.  I didn't even have to put it together either!

I'll let you know what I get in my other Kinder egg when I eat/open it.  There were also some Kinder eggs with The Force Awakens characters on them.  I wonder if the TFA Kinders have different toys inside them?  The paper only shows original trilogy characters, but why no Boba Fett?

The picture above is the officially the blurriest picture I've ever posted on here!  But that's not why I posted it.  This is the ending score board of a match of Walker Assault I played on Star Wars Battlefront today.  Right off the bat I could tell our team was out matched, so I played even more reserved than usual.  Despite the fact that I was half assin' it I still managed to end up on top of the score board for my team.  This just proves a couple things, one getting lots of kills won't guarantee lots of points and two, MY TEAM SUCKED.  I finished with 10 kills, 8 deaths and 3,914 points.

The other highlighted player is my partner who kinda stunk up the place.  The game will assign you partner and you'll be able to spawn on them during the match and borrow their Star Card hand if you want.  I wanted to take another picture earlier just for the LOLZ of my partner who finished the match with 2 kills and 27 deaths.  I was like, "What was that guy doing?!"  It must've been the first time he ever played a video game.  Or maybe it was Cam?


Cam said...

My score would have been one of the bottom two dudes. :(

Keef said...

You just weren't used to playing games like a caveman with a controller. If you had a keyboard and mouse you would've decimated them.

Cam said...

Oh yeah, that's a great excuse! Give me a kb & mouse and it'd be headshots from across the map, undefined KDR cuz you can't divide by zero, PC master race, etc etc.