Thursday, June 2, 2016

Another kick at the bucket

If you thought I only had one bucket full of miscellaneous crap stashed away then you don't me very well.  I have a back up bucket on the top shelf  of some shelving in room.  You know,..."just in case".

This bucket has a few more quality items in it like a copy of Mario Pinball Land.  It's opened, but still got the box and all the goodies.

My 20th Anniversary Famicon Game Boy micro!  I really like this little handheld despite it's small size.  I managed to finish two Pokemon games on it without my hands seizing up.  Although the screen is too small to play Dr. Mario on, it's just too hard to properly see.

I already showed the good stuff, so this is the crap that was underneath it!  Most of this stuff was free in cereals.  I'm not sure where I got the Dracula stickers from though.  Once again if you see anything you like just say so and it's yours!  For free!

Here is lot of Kellogg's stuff that includes temporary tattoos, a projection alarm clock and an electric toothbrush.  

A bendy Minnie Mouse and a Mickey Mouse mini bobble head.

"Electronic" gadgets lot of a Spider-Man web projector, a random watch, another Guitar Hero mini game and another watch.  Both of the watches are packaged so I can't see what they are without opening the package.

Anybody want a pair of Post Classical Interludes mini CDs?  I don't, but they were free.  There is also a PSP keychain, some Trix thing and a Burton sticker.  The Trix thing went in the garbage already, so sorry if you wanted it.

A Kubrick Venom(that's a keeper), some weird Indiana Jones thing and another Indiana Jones spoon.  I opened the weird pack of Indy cards and they are some cheesy strategy game cards.  I filed them beside the Trix thing.

Also, it just wasn't a single bucket, but a stack of buckets.  Even more goodies!

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

Batman Begins

Toy Story 3

The buckets are up for grabs as well!

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