Thursday, June 23, 2016

Relics from another time

During my quick trip back to Cranbrook I did have time to go through a couple boxes and found a few "treasures".  I'm sure I've at least mentioned one of them in here before, but here you go again!

I found this old story that Cody and I wrote back in Parkland for Mrs. Leonard's English class.  We handed in even though it wasn't an actual assignment.  In fact we didn't even write it in English class, we wrote it in Typing class.  The fact that we had a typing class with actual typewriters just shows how damn old we are.

ATTACK OF THE CAMPELL KIDS was a "horror" story parodying the Campbell Soup kids turning them into murderous little trolls.  The story is five pages of poorly written and more importantly, poor typed, nonsense.  It's at least good for a laugh.  We obviously had to change "Campbell" to "Campell" in order to avoid getting into legal trouble with the actual Campbell Soup company.  Or maybe it was a spelling mistake?

You can see Mrs. Leonard's note on the top of story and she also wrote "Extra" on it.  I have a feeling it didn't actually count as extra credit, but probably counted against our grades.

This story wasn't written on a typewriter, but on a computer.  It was an old computer because it was printed using a dot matrix printer.  The paper has the perforations on the ends and and sides.  As you can tell by the picture this story is more than five pages, it is actually seventy-six pages! 

It doesn't have a title, but it's a teen superhero story and pretty much a rip off of Gen 13.  It doesn't quite hold up as well as I remember mostly because the dialogue isn't very good.  It's still fun though.   This one was also written by Cody and I although I bet Cody wishes he could just forget about it. When we wrote it, we would take turns writing sections of it and then save it to a floppy disk to pass off to the other person and then they would work on it.  If you are wondering about the writing format of it, it was written script style.

I'm a business guy with a business card!  Time to network, let's do lunch, I'll have my people call your people!

I also found some Parkland report cards and some certificate of achievements for Grade 10 math and power mechanics.  I promptly filed them in the recycling bin.  Before you think I'm some kind of genius (HAHAHAHA!!) the math certificate wasn't for a normal math class, but for math 10A, a class for dummies because math 10 was too hard for me.  In the math class for dummies I kicked ass because I wasn't a complete dummy.  I was smart enough for normal math, just too lazy for it.   Studying and homework?  No, thanks!

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