Thursday, June 9, 2016

Book reeding

I was going through my stuff as I'm packing it up and I found I have two paperback copies of Storm Front by Richard Castle.  I mean, I haven't even read one copy, so what do I need with two copies?  I could keep a back up in case anything happens to my first copy, but instead I decided to donate it to my local Little Free Library.  If you aren't sure what the heck a Little Free Library is, don't worry I only recently learned about them.  Although, the name is pretty self explanatory.

I was watching the news a little while ago and they did segment about little libraries people were making and setting up on the front of their yards.  It's basically a "take a book, leave a book" system to get people to read in the community.  It sounds like something for people who are too lazy or too much of a hipster to go an actual library which also happens to be free.  I guess the concept is kinda cool, but an actual library has a much better selection and they have DVDs and Blu-rays so you don't even have to read unless it's a foreign subtitled film.

The Little Free Library website, has all the info you need to learn about them and how to start your own Little Free Library.  They have plans to make your own library or you can buy pre-built insanely overpriced ones.  Once you have your Little Free Library set up you still need to pay to get it certified and get your very own sign.

Once you are recognized you'll be added to the worldwide map, so people can look you up.  Calgary has quite a few, including two in my area that I'm aware of, plus I've seen another one down in Kensington.  It looks like Kelowna has two, while poor old Kamloops and Cranbrook have none.  It's up to Mike to get the movement going over in Kamloops, while Cranbrook its a lost cause.  I guess it might have a chance if it was full of nothing but hunting magazines.

As if I paid $7.50, it was $1.00 at the thrift store!

I put my copy of Storm Front in the Little Free Library about a week ago and I walked by it this afternoon and it was gone.  Someone is reading it!  Last week the Little Free Library was pretty full, but today it was considerably empty, almost half the books have been taken out.  Obviously, people are taking books, but not leaving books!  I didn't take any books because there were no Archies.  I'll check back next time.

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