Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cool shirt?

I was buying groceries at Co-op and was checking out at the self scan, because there usually isn't a line up there and it's a lot faster than the regular tills.  I was scanning my stuff when the attendant starts talking to me and asking me about my t-shirt because she didn't get it.

Attendant: What is that pink thing on your shirt?  Is that a bat?
Me: It's Galactus
Attendant: What??
Me: It's Galactus, he's a Marvel comics character.  He eats planets.
Attendant: I thought it was a bat.
Me: It's not a bat.  Sorry.

A nice shot of the t-shirt graphic.  I actually bought this at the thrift store and it was like brand new, so it was a sweet find.  I have been asked more than once what it means though.

It's not a bat and it's not pink, it's purple!

Please don't talk me.

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