Wednesday, May 1, 2013

R not! R2!

When I get bored I go browse the internet and when I get bored of browsing the internet it usually leads to me buying crap I totally don't need.  I was checking Hobby Link Japan where I bought Avery a "Power Rangers" figure for his birthday.  Of course, it's Shinken Red from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and not an actual Power Rangers figure.  It's Japanese, so automatically it becomes cooler because it's a lot better than figures we get stuck with.  It's super poseable and comes with three different sets of hands which no doubt got lost five minutes after the package was opened.  Luckily, it was on sale from it's regular price of $32, but I had to order something else to make the shipping from Japan worthwhile.  But what??

How about a set of R2 magnets!  I love these guys and not just because they were also on sale.  They look pretty cool even though the red, green and yellow versions are just repaints of the original blue R2-D2.  At least they threw in a totally different looking black R2, he is so bad-ass.

They are from enksy and Kotobukiya, and Kotobukiya are the same guys who put out the Han Solo ice cube tray.  The magnets are pretty sturdy and solid and the little round magnet on the back is surprisingly strong.  It's too bad I already have way too much stuff on my fridge, so there isn't much room left.  I just put classic R2-D2 on there.  I will try to make a point to rotate R2s once in a while.

You've seen pictures of this fridge before, but I'm the first to admit that it's as obnoxious as hell.  That is of course the front view.  R2 is on there, so have a look.

This is the side view and what you see when you look through the window on our kitchen door.  I'm sure a few people have rung our doorbell and looked in through the window at our fridge and thought, "What the?  That fridge is hideous!"  If so, then mission accomplished on my part!

The little seen, therefore little decorated other side of the fridge.  If no one is going to see much of it, then I'm not going to put too many magnets on it.  There is a robot on it though, a non-Star Wars robot.

Another day, another post about stuff I have, but totally don't need.  It's pretty much business as usual around here then, here is to another 800 posts.

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