Monday, May 6, 2013

Organized Rhyme

I was at our local thrift store, Bibles For Mission, having a look around because, well that's what I do.  I was checking out the DVD/VHS/Cassette tape/LP area and I spotted an old cassette tape case still in the packing. 

It was priced right at $1.50 and I actually wanted one of these so I could put some of my story books on tape in it.  It's "The Organizer" from Hartzell and even made in Canada, so that is a plus.

Those are the selling points of the cassette case and what really sold me on Hartzell's case is that is it attractively designed to complement my stereo components.  It will really look great and blend in next to the XBox 360, 3D Blu-ray player and 3D LED Smart TV.

The cassettes look so plain in there without any sleeves, but at least you can see all the different colours.  Coloured cassette tapes are cooler than the plain old black ones, a lot of kids tapes were coloured red or white.  I'll have to look for a program that can make cassette tape covers to make it easier to identify them.  I think way back in the day we had MS Publisher and it had a thing to make cassette and CD sleeves which was good for making sleeves for mixes or stuff Cam copied for me.

As you can see in the picture above my cassette case came with the translucent grey cover, but the back of the packaging sleeve shows another version that is a sexy white with a sticker on the top mimicking wooden paneling.  Wood paneling = Classy.

Previously, I had all my story book on tape cassette just loose in a cherry box I got from the produce department at work.  I put some cassettes in "The Organizer" and then put that back in the cherry box.  The loose cassettes actually took up less room than putting them in the storage case.  but at least my valuable cassettes are now individually held in an attractive organizer.  I can sleep better at night knowing that.

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