Monday, May 13, 2013


I talked to my mom tonight and she is back from Taiwan.  She had a good time, but is tired and looking forward to sleeping in her own bed for the first time in over three weeks.  She didn't do much sight seeing in Taiwan, mainly just hanging out with my uncle and doing boring stuff like taking the dog for a walk, going to the laundromat and running into scary big Wood spiders.

On the way back to Canada she spent four days in Hong Kong where she got to do some touristy sight seeing and buy me some movies.  She went to Macau for a day, visited Lantau Island, saw Victoria Peak, Temple Street, Victoria Harbour and Avenue of the Stars.

The Bruce Lee statue on Avenue of the Stars.

A shot overlooking Macau from the top of Macau Tower which is 333 meters tall.

I like the neon lights reflecting in the water of this shot.

A shot from the gondola to Victoria Peak.

My mom also e-mail me a picture from the Emperor Casino in Macau which is owned by Jackie Chan.  It is a picture of some ridiculous floor tiles that are made of glass (I think) with gold bars and diamonds embedded in them.  Cuz that's how Jackie Chan rolls.

A few years ago when my parents when on their trip to South America we got them a new fancy Fuji camera and while my mom took it with her on her trip, she didn't even turn it on once.  She just took all her pictures with her iPad mini.  Maybe I should've put Instagram on it for her before she left.  It is what all the hipsters are using.

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