Wednesday, May 22, 2013


After leaving work the other day I was hungry and wanted something to eat ASAP, so I just stopped by Little Seizures to grab a pizza.  I went in and ordered a Three Meat Treat because you need meat in your diet.  It has protein.

I'm waiting and I noticed behind the counter are a whole bunch (like a lot) of paintings lined up on display.  I thought it was a bit weird for paintings to be sitting right on the counter, but whatever.  I noticed on the other end of the counter was a sign saying the paintings were for sale and they weren't cheap either.  There were a few different sizes, but the larger sizes go for $90.  I can't really see too many people walking in for a $5 medium pepperoni and grabbing a $90 painting because it would look good in their reading room.

I'm assuming someone who works there is an aspiring artist who just makes pizza on the side.  Struggling artists and all that.  Maybe not though because if those were my paintings I wouldn't just be leaving them propped up on some counter is a greasy pizza place, they need to be displayed properly and taken care of.  Then again nothing says classy like buying art from Little Ceasars.

"That's a really nice painting."
"Thank you.  It's an original Leila, it's one of her early works."
"Wow!  Where did you get it?"
"Little Caesars."

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