Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ask Keith

Welcome to my first and probably last instalment of "Ask Keith" where I answer any manner of questions from my loyal readers.
Hey Keith!
We've had an alarming development at our local Superstore. It turns out Galen and his Loblaws punks have decided that we don't deserve any more pre-packaged white-guy curry at our Kelowna store! It's good with chicken and udon noodles, quick & tasty. But we only care about the green curry, not the red.
We need you to see if you can work the system from the inside and grease some palms to get this product back in our store! Do you still have it in your store? If so, there may be hope for us yet. It's been gone for months, and they re-arranged the shelf so there's no spot for it anymore. I assume that's a bad sign?
Any advice?

Cam and Cara.
If the store still carried your curry there should be a spot for it on the shelf even if it is currently on re-order.  The fact that it's regular slot on the shelf is gone and it's been gone for months probably means it has been discontinued.  I looked for it at my store, but couldn't find any on the shelf and when I asked PI Cody if we carried it, he said no.

You could try filling out a costumer card from customer service where you can write down the item you are looking for and have someone you contact regarding whether or not the item is still available.  Jerks do this all the time at our store.  Be sure to fill out a card as often as possible as they usually just end up in the garbage anyway.

You best bet would be a complete boycott of Superstore and all Loblaw's retailers like Extra Foods, Real Canadian Wholesale Club and No Frills.  Go shop at Safeway, Sobey's or Save On where their stores are much nicer, cleaner, well stocked and the staff are a lot more friendlier and more helpful.

Hope this helps!

Have you seen this curry?


Cam said...

Thanks for your help, we'll be sure to fill out several dozen customer comment cards!

Keef said...

As an alternative try the Glico curry instead. Cody B. says it's back in stock. I have even tried it once and it was pretty good.