Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Free stuff report

Time for the low down on the latest freebies and give-aways!

First up, more free stuff from cereal in the form of hockey cards from Post Cereals.  Post is giving away a CHL 24 card set in select boxes of Honeycombs, Alpha-Bits, Shreddies and Sugar Crisp.  Just enter the PIN inside the boxes and choose from one of six 4 card sets.  I like this idea because instead of random cards in the boxes you can select which ones you want making it easier to get a complete set.  I also hate this idea because you have to buy six boxes of cereal to get the full set and the PINs are only in the Family Size boxes.  I can't eat six family size boxes of cereal!  Why couldn't they just do 4 sets of 6 cards instead?   That being said if anybody buys a box of these and doesn't want the PIN (I know you guys hate hockey) feel free to send it to me.  If I win the trip to the 2014 Memorial Cup I will get you a t-shirt.  The offer ends the February 28, 2014.

The second offer is a free retro t-shirt from Pringles.  Pringles is old school and like the Pringles can speaker offer, the shirt offer requires you to go online, print out a form and then mail in the form with five foil lids from selected cans of Pringles.  I can't do six boxes of family size cereal, but I can easily do five cans of Pringles.  This one is doable!  Offer ends June 30, 2014, so there is ton of time left.

Lastly, I have an update on the General Mills toque offer!  Last night I was entering a new PIN and when I went to select my toque the pickings were slim because the Lucky Charms and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch toques are unavailable!  If you wanted one I hope you got one because if not you'll probably be paying like $100 on eBay soon.  When are mine going to get here??


mike said...

6 Boxes of cereal?! that's like a $40 set of crappy hockey cards.. You should just give Cam $1 for his complete Desert Storm set of cards!

Keef said...

Jeez Mike, where do you buy your groceries? I bought a family size box of the hockey card Alpha-Bits for $3.99.

Also, I don't think Cam would part with his George Bush card.

mike said...

I'd rather have the Wolf Blitzer one.

Cam said...

Y'alls jealous y'all.

Keef said...

I had a few of the Desert Storm cards, but the only one I liked was the one with the NATO phonetic alphabet on it. Very handy!

mike said...

Victor Alpha Seven Mike Lima Sierra.. ;)