Thursday, November 28, 2013

Grey Thursday

I had planned on a different post for today, but then decided to do a quick rant on something a bit more topical...Black Friday.  Black Friday has always been an American thing where we Canadians would turn on the TV to watch scenes of people stampeding and trampling each other, sometimes to death, in search of the almighty deal.  We would shake our heads and say "What the hell America?"  Unfortunately, now businesses in Canada want in on the action and Black Friday has officially here.

It started out small, slowly growing, but this year seems the worst and every where I turn it is Black Friday deals.  Every major retailer has Black Friday deals, I see ads on TV, I'm getting stupid e-mails about Black Friday.   I saw the cover of the Calgary Herald this morning and the front page was a giant Sport Check Black Friday ad.  What?!  Shouldn't a newspaper have something like, oh I don't know, NEWS on the front page?  I can see ads/flyers/inserts inside the paper, but do we really need ads on the front page of the paper?  This is something I'd expect from the The Sun, not the Herald.

It's pretty annoying, but when all is said and done I may buy something.  At work we have a 4GB XBox 360 for $129.99 and you get a $50 gift card when you buy it.  I'm considering getting one for Logan for Christmas, so he can set it up at the lake.  I work that day, so when I go home I might get one, but I haven't decided yet.  I'm not gonna get one first thing in the morning and if it's busy later on it's too much of a bother.  It's not much of a priority.

In a protest to all the big box retailers and their Black Friday deals I went to the thrift store today.  I bought a raffle ticket where the first prize is airfare to anywhere Westjet flies.  If I win I will have no excuse not to visit Cam.  I will also accept the second prize of a 51" TV.

I also bought the Captain America on DVD!  I'm not talking about Chris Evans Cap, but the old 1979 Captain America TV movies.  I got the double feature from Shout Factory which has Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon.  I've heard about this set before, but wasn't that interested in to try and track it down, turns out the movies are pretty terrible.  Isn't that great!

I wonder if Americans are going to adopt Boxing Day now?

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