Monday, November 11, 2013

Chesty LaRue

Remember that metal chest of Murray's?  I was going to do a blog post about it and it ended up turning into a movie?  Well, I'm finally getting around to writing about what is actually inside it other than a General Lee.

In case you forgot what it looked like there is the chest.  It's all metal and incredibly heavy, but not because it's metal.  Because it's full of stuff!

With the lid open you can see a couple CD wallets, a box, wire 7" record holder, the General Lee, an Astro Boy figure and a Planet of the Apes VHS boxset.

The white thing under the General is actually a dirty old Star Wars t-shirt.

I tried washing it and it mostly came clean except for one stain on it.  It's not that noticeable...from the back.

Once I cleared some of the stuff off the top you can see the CD wallets which are full of CDs and DVDs, some are legit and some are bootleg.  There is also a box with my old OLD address on it, but there is nothing for me in it!  It is some stuff Murray sent me a long time ago to take of, but then he took it back, but I have it back again.

Once that layer is peeled away you can see the left side is all vinyl records and there is also a Marantz turntable in there too.

Under the turntable is a bunch of old VHS tapes consisting of movies, music stuff and copied tapes.

I did some house cleaning on Murray's VHS tape collection and that is the pile of tapes I got rid of.  I got rid of all the ones that are easily and cheaply replaceable on DVD and/or Blu-Ray.  I took them all to the Hospital Auxiliary in Cranbrook.  I had hoped that getting rid of all those tapes would make the chest less heavy, but I was wrong.  Damn, that vinyl!

Tucked in front of the records were two framed Star Wars 8X10 pictures.

A still sealed cassette tape of Contemporary Renaissance by The Shotgunn Symphony.

A slightly bent page of original comic book art from Topps' Mars Attack The Savage Dragon issue #3.

A signed comic book and a very bent original Flash sketch.  I remember when Murray got this as I was there and had my own set of a sketch and signed comic.  It was the very first comic "show" I went when I first moved to Calgary back in 1998.  It wasn't much of a show, but the gymnasium of some community centre just off MacLeod Trail. 

That is about everything, so were the contents of the chest everything you hoped they would be?

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