Monday, November 18, 2013

Super cozy!

Cody had to go Memory Express today to get something for his computer, so of course we went to Bianca Amor's because it's right there.  I haven't started on any of my Christmas shopping yet because this year I'm completely clueless as of what to get anyone.  Bianca Amor's is a good start because it's loaded with cheap crap.  After wondering the store and marvelling at the many awesome deals I ended up getting my mom a Snuggie.

Don't worry I plan on getting her something good too!  Suggestions would be welcome.

They also had at least four other brands of Snuggie knock offs, imitations and variations.  They even had a Snuggie brand Snuggie for pets!  I could only take so fleecey overload and caved in and got one for myself.

Of course I cheaped out on myself and got a knock off Snuggie in the form of the Hoodie Blanket!  I've already gave it a test run and it is surprisingly "cozy".  Just like the box says!  I sat down in front of the TV for a marathon of Dukes of Hazzard, Castle and Almost Human and wore my Hoodie Blanket the entire time.  It was warm, almost too warm!  I took it off and when I got up I like, "Damn, it's cold in here."  I do have one complaint though and that it doesn't have pockets.  The Snuggie has pockets!  It's no Snuggie, but it's still $5 well spent.

The only thing more embarrassing than owning a Snuggie is owning a Snuggie knock off!


Cara said...

You should have got the double snuggie so that you and Cody could both stay warm while watching Friday the 13th.

Keef said...

Sorry, only room for me and my Yoko body pillow.

murray purvis said...

I've got a fake one too :)