Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Alrighty then!

I'm sure you guys remember pictures of the fridge at our old place.  I had it literally covered in all kinds of posters and mostly magnets, magnets from all over the place.  We've been living in the place for almost one year now and our fridge still looks like this...

It's still pretty much a blank slate.  While I was in Cranbrook I came across some posters that I had removed from magazines once upon a time.  I put some in the recycling bin, but I brought a few back to Calgary to put on on the fridge.

An Ace Ventura poster and a X-Files poster,  I stuck a Goldeneye poster on the side of the fridge.  I really need to find my Ace Ventura DVD set because I need to re-watch those movies. Such classics!

I also spotted this official website address on the Ace Ventura poster and had to check it out to see if it's still active.

I was disappointed to find out that aceventura.com has been discontinued.  The good news is that the domain name is for sale!  I should totally buy it and then when they make a sequel (or probably a reboot) I can sell the domain name back to them and get a truck load of cash.  Anyone care to lend me the money???

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