Thursday, June 8, 2017


I'm taking some time off next week to go back to Cranbrook for a few days and the best part is that I'll be there for Sam Steele Days!  Woohoo! Maybe I'll enter the Wicked Weenies eating contest, but really I'll probably do nothing.  I might go to the taco truck and/or crepe truck, but that is about it.

I'm planning on going back next Thursday, possible Wednesday as I only work a half day in the morning that day.  It depends on the weather, if it's not too hot I'll go back Wednesday.  The thing is that my mom is out of town until Saturday night, so I got the house to myself.  The best part about going home is having to eat real food, but since my mom's gone it looks like I'll have to buy my own groceries.  I'll make sure she buys steaks when she gets back, like a few days worth of steaks.

I'll have to e-mail Willie and see what he's up to up.  He'll probably be busy with Sam Steele stuff plus its the end of the school year, so lots of lame school stuff at the theatre.  I'll be sure to ask him how the Smashmouth concert was.

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