Thursday, June 15, 2017

The story so far...

On Wednesday I worked a half day in the morning and was finished work by 11 am, so I decided I might as well drive back to Cranbrook.  The weather was pretty crappy, overcast with some rain, so perfect driving weather since my car doesn't have A/C.  I drove the north route through the park.

They are still doing road work in Kootenay National Park and it's pretty annoying.  The started on it last year and it's still not done.  Worst of all, it's a huge long stretch of construction zone with very little construction happening.   They have all these small areas of work all spread out, some areas have a couple guys working on them and some have nobody there at all.  Why not just have everyone just work on one section, get it finished and then move onto to the next area of work?  Seems more productive than having a bunch of construction areas with little or no work getting done.

Also on my drive through the park I hit this huge bump, it was more like a frost heave speed bump, that busted my exhaust.  The bump wasn't marked on the side of the road with a red flag like they usually do, so I just came up on it a full speed and my car bounced over it.  I must've cracked a joint weldor did something to put a hole in my exhaust because it was pretty loud after that.  I pulled over at the nearest rest stop to have a look.  Everything was there and nothing was visibly broken or hanging off,  but it was louder.  My car sounds totally badass (but mostly broken) now.  I had to crank up the stereo a bit because it was harder to hear over the exhaust.

Once I got to Cranbrook I had to hit up Safeway and buy some groceries because my mom is in Toronto and there is no food at the house.  I got some of the good mushy cat food for that barn cat guy.  He's getting pretty fat for a barn cat.

This morning I dug through some boxes and as always found looks of cool stuff.  I also found some stuff to get rid of!  I took four bags of books to Pages and dropped off an overflowing box to The Cellar.  I still have box of "good" stuff to take up to Kimberley to see if I can sell it at Old Koots Vintage.  I'll be going through more boxes since I'll be here until next week, so I'll probably be making another trip to the thrift store.

I stopped by Scarff HQ to both drop off some goodies and pick up some goodies.  Thanks Cam and Cara for the Disneyland loot.  I will wear my X-Wing pin every time I get behind the wheel of my car.  I'm also assuming the glasses are 3D glasses?  What movie did you see or what ride are they from?

That's about it up until Thursday night except just now I was just replying to an @ultracam2.0 message on Instagram when I got this other message come through.

I told he him could, so my feed is gonna blow up as soon as he does!!

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Cam said...

Hey Keith, glad you got those goodies! The 3D glasses are from Star Tours, we went on it twice and I swiped the glasses because Cara pressured me to. You may be in possession of stolen goods from Disney Co, I hear they have a very aggressive legal department so watch your back yo!