Monday, June 5, 2017


I've been slowing going through my basement boxes and very slowly getting rid of some stuff.  Like I took one marble out of box type "getting rid of stuff", but it's a start.  Today I looked in a couple boxes while I was in the basement putting some laundry in.  I pulled out a couple scraps of paper to throw away and I found a random DVD.

I found this "Spidey Bonus Disk" which is obviously a burned copy.  I got it as a bonus (duh!) when I bought something off eBay.  I don't remember what I bought to get this bonus disc, but that wasn't the only other bonus disc.  I also got a burned disc of the Nick Fury TV movie starring David Hasselhoff.  The weird thing is I just watched that Nick Fury disc not that long ago.  I brought the Spidey disc upstairs to check what was on it.

There are fourteen files on the disc, twelve of the them are Spidey related and two are not.  There are ten episodes of the 70's Japanese Spider-Man TV show.  This is the one where he gets his powers from an alien bracelet, has a flying car and a giant ship that transforms into a giant robot.  Yep, it's awesome!  Marvel has released every episode online with subtitles, but I'm not sure if it's still available.   I'm surprised there hasn't been an official DVD release of this yet.  These batch of episodes appear to have subtitles as well.

There are also two Spider-Man 70's movies or I think they are movies.  I actually watched the first one today and it's the first movie where Peter Parker gets his spider powers.  I'm not sure what the second one is as when I started it had like an episode title with Part 1 on it, so maybe it's just some TV episodes edited into a movie.

Then for whatever reason there is the audio book of Ready Player One , in two parts, as read by Wil Wheaton.  Sure, why not.

 The Spidey Bonus Disk was a neat find, I'll be watching all the Spider-Man videos soon.  It's burned as a data disk, but my blu-ray player plays all the video formats so I can watch them on my TV.  Bonus!

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