Friday, May 23, 2014

Another Hockey Night in Cranbrook

Recently I've been collecting hockey cards for Avery.  I gave him a bunch of my old common base cards and some pages for them.  They are pretty much worthless, but I've also gotten him some better cards, like some might be worth $10!  I got this card in the mail today for him that you won't find at your local card shop.

Remember this guy?  This card is from when Brad played a season in Nottingham, England for the GMB Nottingham Panthers.

 I found the card at a Canadian online card place.  They had two in stock, so I bought them both and kept one for me, they cost $2.00 each.  The same place charges $1.00 for a Scott Niedermayer rookie card, so Brad's card is worth more than Scott Niedermayer's who has won every major hockey championship and is in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Nice one, Brad.  Brad doesn't play hockey now, but he's an assistant coach for the Youngstown Phantoms.  My mom has his Phantoms card on her fridge.

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