Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hockey Night in Cranbrook

Last time I was back in Cranbrook I mentioned that I saw a poster at Pages advertising that the Hanson Brothers were going to be playing at The Byng.  Willie went!  Now read all about it!

They were one of the many bands I had heard about but never heard before and now The Hanson Brothers are off that list. On Welching Day evening (also known as Better Thursday because it falls right before Good Friday) The Hanson Brother's played The Byng Roadhouse and Bar here in Cranbrook, B.C. Canada. Due to Welching Day festivities we arrived later than expected and was surprized (but not really) that they had yet to strike a power chord. Once they did I understood why I had heard only good things about the band. It took me back to the days when a young 16-24-ish old me would attend all these punk shows around town at various halls and spaces that would rent to young people. The drums were thumping, the bass was rumbling, the guitar was in your face and like those punk shows of my youth, the vocals were not quite loud enough. Which makes writing this review a bit difficult: I don't remember any lyrics and I didn't see/score a setlist so I can't tell you what exact songs they did. I can, however, tell you that they were blistering numbers that kept the dancefloor moving including two (out of 5) Cranbrook Hipsters attempting their version of moshing by "chest bumping" each other. My friend Ferdy was a referee and I only noticed him giving The Hanson Brothers one penalty, but I'm sure there were many missed calls as they were quite intense. It was a high-energy show in a perfect venue and while it would have been nice to have the vocals at the same level as all the other instruments, it did bring a legit punk-rock feeling to the show. This is what we are given, this is what we are using, we are going to rock no matter what so you better be ready. I know I'll be ready when they play here again.

There you have it.  I think that is all Willie had to say despite the whole thing ending with a "They".  I sent him an e-mail and he didn't reply, so I'm assuming it's all good. I was also told there would be pictures, but there were none.  I trimmed out a poster I found online.

Willie also picked me up a CD and a t-shirt.  I'll get them whenever I get to Cranbrook next.  Along with my change!  There better be change.