Saturday, May 17, 2014

I can't have nice things.

I came home from work this afternoon and then I went back out and when I was getting in my car I noticed I had a huge scuff on the side of my car.

I'm not sure when exactly it happened, probably Friday and Saturday night.  I parked on the street last night, but the position of the ding seems more like something I would get in the parking lot.  So there's a chance I got it Friday at work or maybe even Thursday.  Usually, I just get in my car, it's not like I walk around and inspect it every time I get in it.  I just noticed it today because when I was walking to it in the parking lot at home had a clear view of the side.

I wiped all the dust and dirt off the scrapes and it doesn't look as bad, it still sucks though.  It's mostly scrapes, but there is a dent on the left hand side.  What can you do?


mike said...

Boo on albertans..

I've analyzed the scratches left and I can tell they were either made by a huge dually pickup filled with cowboys and cow-poop.. or some sort of minivan/suv driven by a texting person with a tiny dog standing in their lap..

Now it's up to you to find either of those people in Calgary- shouldn't be too hard right?

And either of the Scarff boys could make that look a lot better if you could ever get in the same town as us..

Keef said...

Mike, are you going to dent/scratch the opposite side so it matches?

mike said...


Keef said...

They work like dimples on a golf ball, it's more aerodynamic.