Saturday, May 10, 2014

Da funk

As I've said before when I get bored on the internet I end up buying something online.  The other night I was bored and ended up over at Bandcamp and while I didn't buy anything (this time!) I did get free stuff!   I haven't heard of 99.9% of the bands on Bandcamp, so when I'm browsing them I usually pick bands based solely on album art.  You go through a lot of crap to find something decent.  Everything is digital, but you might be able to get a physical version in CD, vinyl or cassette...maybe.   Some bands charge set prices for music, some bands let you pick what price you want to pay and the awesome bands just give you the music for free(download only duh).  I downloaded a couple albums for free because I like not paying money for stuff.  

I was bored and browsing the electronic section and found a cool chiptune band and also found this following track from Professor Kliq.  I like it. I embedded it.  Get your groove on.  Bandcamp.

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