Friday, May 16, 2014

Never let your guard down

Things have been pretty quiet on the rabbit front here since last fall.  I only saw rabbits maybe twice all winter even though whenever it snowed there were plenty of tracks in the fresh snow.  The snow is finally gone and the rabbits are back!

I came home from work today to find two rabbits waiting for me.  The first one was eating the grass near where I parked my car on the main street.  When I parked some lady was walking up the side walk and walked right by him, maybe two feet away, and he didn't even flinch.

He is all scruffy looking because he's in the midst of losing his white winter coat.  This rabbit actually looks pretty cute.

Now this is the scary ass rabbit!  He's the crazed bug eyed one that freaks me out.  He's also super strict when comes to parking regulations.  He WILL tow your vehicle!

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