Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mad loot yo!

I almost forgot to show you guys what loot my Mom brought me back from Italy.  I forgot to ask her for some real authentic Italian spaghetti, so I ended up with this stuff instead.

I asked my mom for some fridge magnets when she went on a trip somewhere else, Mexico I think, so she brought me some magnets back from Italy.  Five of them!

I'm pretty sure ww have Vans over here in Canada, but she got me this t-shirt from an actual Vans store.

A t-shirt with a scooter on it!  In Italy everyone drives Ferraris, Lambos, and Alfa Romeos and if you can't afford those then you drive a Vespa, it's a fact!

Some "Italia" socks to go with my t-shirts in a three pack with black, white and grey colours.  They are the little funny looking ankle socks.

Big Babol!  I'm pretty that is the name of the gum and has nothing to do with that chick on the package.  I think there is a sticker inside.

That's it!!

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