Friday, December 12, 2014

Free cake!

Today at work a regular Seafood customer bought me and another guy in my department each one of those weird boxed cakes you usually see at Christmas time.

It's an Italian cake, actually made in Italy with real Italian writing on it!  The guy who bought it for us is Italian and has an Italian restaurant on Edmonton Trail.  I've never eaten one of these types of cakes, so I'll probably need some help from Cara.  What is the standard procedure for preparing/serving/eating this type of cake?  On the box it says to keep in a warm room before serving,  I'm not sure why other than it tastes better warmed.

When I told a guy at work that a customer had bought a cake for each of us, he asked it had icing on it.  I told him no and he said he it should.  He does make a valid point.  Would it violate some unwritten Italian culinary law if I bought a jar of Betty Crocker icing and smeared it all over the cake?

Fun fact: the best before date on it isn't until October 30, 2015.   I'm sure it will taste the same now as it will October 31st.  


Cam said...

I'm not Italian, but I believe the standard procedure is to rip it apart by hand and dip it in pasta sauce before eating it.

Cara said...

Said loudly with hand gestures: Mama mia! Adding icing would be sacrilego! Also, it will taste-a the same and have-a the same-a texture whether you mangia now or next-a October.

Keef said...

Cam sounds like he knows what he is talking about, pasta sauce it is!