Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I'm here to talk to you today about cookies, fancy pants imported cookies.

Original Ginger

I saw these one day at London Drugs and grabbed them just because the looked good, had fancy packaging and are made in Scotland.  Cam and Cara, did you guys try these?  Just like the package says, they are seductively smooth and surprisingly spicy.  Border also makes a Dark Ginger as well.  I've bought them a few times, but they are pricey considering there are only ten cookies in a pack.   If you want to try them, then now is a good time because this week they are on sale.   Now I wish I had bought two packs.


Cam said...

Those look way too sophisticated for us. I bought some Mint Oreos because they were on sale last weekend, we like those!

Cara said...

Cam's wrong. We tried those cookies at Aaron's.

Cam's arguing that technically we didn't have them.