Thursday, December 25, 2014

X-Mas Dinner!

After a quiet day of sleeping and doing nothing, watching Cop Out counts as nothing, I had to make myself some dinner.  Since it was Christmas, that means turkey, or at least some form of turkey.

They were sold out of the stuffed ones, but that was okay because I had a box of Stove Top at home.  Then as it turned out I didn't have any Stove Top, now Christmas is ruined!!  As long as I got some gravy makes up for it even if it's from a can.  The scalloped potatoes rocked, the increased bacon taste is awesome.  Franco American needs to come with an improved gravy recipe, "Now MORE GRAVY Taste!"

The turkey actually turned out.  The instructions said to put it in a shallow roasting pan and I didn't have one.  They also said to check the internal temperature with a thermometer to see when it was done, but I didn't have one of those either.  I put in a casserole(?) dish and left it in the oven a little extra and it turned out fine.  I followed the instructions of brushing the outside with oil and the outer layer was a nice brown crust/bark.  That's the best part!  I should cook one of these things on a monthly basis.

I also tried my Italian sponge cake and it wasn't bad.  I tried Cam's method of dipping it in pasta sauce which made it so much better.  Thanks for the tip Cam!

Now I need to sleep, I am full of turkey.

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