Thursday, December 18, 2014

X-Mas Update

Here is quick X-mas update with a few things going down.  First up we did watch Die Hard 2 and I think some one needs to start a petition to give to FOX and have them release the penultimate edition version.  This version would include the censored audio from the TV broadcast with all it's "Mister Falcons".  When we have to redub the lone swear word out of Steele O'Neil: Zombie Buster for TV broadcast I already know how we're going to do it.  It's near the end when Steele finds the zombified Willie and says "Damn, zombies already made him their bitch."  The censored version will be, "Damn, zombies already made him their buddy."

Oh yes, back to Christmas.  I was shopping at Old Gravy getting some t-shirts for my brother and Matt and I found this awesome Mr. T shirt in the clearance section.  Hope Matt likes it.

I was tempted to get it for myself and I probably would've gotten a second one for me, but it was the last XL.  All the other sizes were M or XXL.

It was marked down to $9.99, or so I thought.

When the lady rang in the shirt it came up a mere 97 cents!   Now I'm mad it was the last XL left.  T pities the fool who don't take advantage of this deal!

I also bought myself a(nother) Christmas gift.  Only because no one else would think to give me this combination of stuff.  Since Cam so highly recommended my last Katy Perry CD, I figured I'd crab the follow up.  I'm not sure if I get her latest one because Taylor Swift's 1989 would be next on my list.

Finally, I'm not 100% sure I'll be back home to Cranbrook for Christmas.  If I do I won't be able to drive back until the 25th and then have to drive back a couple days later on the 27th.  I'm bascially waiting to see what the weather will be because right now they are saying snow 24th, 25th and 27th.  Next week that could change as in less snow or more snow, I'l have to wait and see.  Anybody else going to be around?    I am sending back my presents with Cody regardless of whether or not I go back.  

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